Our Executive Recruitment division's primary role is to identify candidates, suitably qualified and experienced, through our search or selection processes to fill positions within client organisations. Our contract is with our client.

As such we are not retained to act for candidates seeking fresh opportunities.

However, from our permission-based database of candidates with whom we have interacted whilst on client assignments there are many individuals whose backgrounds, skills and personal qualities may fit the requirements of a particular client at some stage in the future.

We are therefore always happy to receive your CV if you are considering a change of career, whatever industry sector you work in.

Our strict privacy policy means you can rest assured that we will not present your CV to any of our clients until we have your permission to do so.

If you'd like us to include your CV on our database then please attach it as a Word document and email it to info@resourcing-solutions.co.uk and we'll acknowledge receipt.

CV Guide

Many people change jobs regularly as part of their career development plans and so a carefully prepared and updated CV is always to hand. Others may have worked with organisations for many years and until a change of direction beckons or an unexpected opportunity arises have not felt the need for a CV. In such circumstances it often helps to remind oneself what makes a good CV. There are many good books and indeed websites on this subject but here's our very short guide as what most recruiters prefer and expect to see.

  • Keep it short - maximum 3 pages
  • Put your career history in reverse order
  • Concentrate on experience in the last 5 years
  • Descriptions of employers are important but they need to be brief eg name, type of business, turnover and number of employees
  • Give brief description of your main responsibilities and include, if appropriate, performance results against targets set. Focus on facts, not on opinions
  • If you are responding to an advert don't repeat verbatim the qualities the firm says it's looking for - it demonstrates a lack of thought and imagination.
  • Don't underestimate the importance of presentation - make your CV easy on the eye, easy to read and devoid of any mistakes.

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