We know that the identification of high calibre, proven, business ability is critical to the strategic success of your organisation. Resourcing Solutions is dedicated to providing the best possible solution to your recruitment needs.

We have successfully carried out many search and selection assignments for major national and international groups, UK plc's, and not-for-profit organisations across a wide range of sectors and disciplines. We have won work and gained our clients confidence and the reward of further assignments because we work hard to really understand your business requirements and exceed expectations.

Why is Resourcing Solutions Executive Search and Executive Selection so successful?

Simply because we work to a structured best practice process that is designed to produce the ideal client solution - a successful completed assignment! This detailed but client-friendly systematic process of search and selection is applied rigorously to every assignment irrespective of function, sector or level. Ultimately there is a combination of client-focused advantages that underpin every single recruitment assignment we undertake:

  • Teamwork
  • Utter commitment to quality
  • Open and honest communication with our clients
  • An uncompromising integrity towards candidates
  • Terms of business that are geared to deliver a successful outcome
  • A track record that bears the closest inspection
You need the right people for your business. Let us help. We are a people business!

Search or Selection?

Executive Search or Executive Selection

Search is headhunting! Selection is advertising.

There are many factors to take into account when determining which strategy to adopt when filling a position.

     Search is best when:

  • Specific skills and sector experience are in short supply
  • Seniority of appointment will reduce the numbers who could be considered
  • Ideal candidate is probably not actively seeking a change
  • Client wishes to keep appointment confidential and can't risk an advertisement
  • Sensitivity - client unable, for various reasons, to approach known individuals personally

     Selection is best when :

  • There are plenty of qualified people who will be attracted to the position
  • Sector experience not vital - a broad range of sectors could provide suitable candidates
  • Likely candidates are in a particular part of the country or may be expatriates looking to return home
  • It can provide the organisation with valuable PR coverage

     When a combination of Search and Selection may be best:

  • The position is, for example, within the public sector where advertising is obligatory but a supporting and focused search could identify candidates that may have missed the advertisement as well as identifying those who are not actively seeking a change - until persuaded
  • A search can identify those in similar posts with competitors. A supporting advertisement may attract those that have left a sector but still have the relevant experience to do the job
  • Where some potential candidates are likely to work for customers or suppliers of the client and a search is not appropriate. A supporting advertisement can be used to attract and identify those that might be of interest.
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